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Website traffic is essential to business success. However, if your website doesn’t convert, then your marketing efforts are wasted.

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Split Testing


Conversion Rate Optimisation

About CRO

Conversion rate optimisation delivers tangible results!

What are the benefits?

The higher your conversion rate, the more money you are making – it’s that simple.

CRO works to turn your website traffic into paying customers, thereby increasing your sales and expanding your client base. Website optimisation ensures that your online marketing efforts are put to good use, meaning your hard-earned cash isn’t being spent in vain!

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How does conversion rate
optimisation work?

When you hire a conversion optimisation marketing specialist, they’ll generally complete the following process:

Website assessment – It’s important to thoroughly assess your website in order to determine a number of things. Firstly, the current conversion rate needs to be obtained, as this will form the benchmark from which to measure changes down the track. Additionally, specialists will often meet with you to discuss your business; i.e. what you do, and what you’re hoping to achieve. They’ll also want to pinpoint your unique selling proposition (what makes your product/service unique/why consumers will benefit from it).

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Alterations to the website

Provisional changes are then made to the site structure, design or both as part of the optimisation process. Common changes include but are not limited to the following:

- Inclusion of a call to action or changes to the current one. It may be a matter of changing the design or placement, or a combination of both.

- Inclusion of buttons that direct visitors to particular parts of the site.

- Changes to the content, ensuring your unique selling proposition  is accurately detailed.

- Simplification of site design. By removing unnecessary design elements, it encourages visitors to notice the important sections.

- Placement of client testimonials.

- Changes to page headlines, ensuring the right messages are conveyed.

- Changes to the site navigation are also common. If a site is difficult to navigate, visitors can find it hard to locate the information they require.

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Split testing

Also known as A/B testing – Split testing measures the conversion rate of the original site and the new version of the site, thereby checking that the changes have actually worked. Usually, 50% of website traffic sees the original version, while the other 50% is directed to the new version. It’s an effective way to measure the success of alterations, eliminating any guesswork. If the changes are effective, they are permanently implemented – improving the site’s conversion rate in the process.

Common split testing programs include Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, Unbounce, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.

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What about the Googlebots?

This is a common question – how does Google crawl your site while a split test is being carried out?

Well simply put, the original version of your site is the one that they read. When running a split test that redirects from the original URL to an alternate one, it’s important to use a 302 (temporary) redirect. This type of redirect lets Google know that you’re carrying out tests, and that the Googlebots should still be looking at the original version of your site for now.

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Find the right specialist

CRO is a relatively new service, although some agencies have been offering it for much longer than others.

If you’re looking for a website optimisation specialist, 5 Digital Quotes can help. With access to thousands of agencies across Australia, we can connect you with the professionals you need. Backed by extensive industry knowledge, we know the good from the bad – so you can rest assured that when you receive five quotes from us, they are five of the best!
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