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For businesses that are about to launch themselves into cyberspace, a website is the all-important starting point. It’s a marketing tool. It’s a storefront. It’s where first impressions are created. A great website is essential to the success of any subsequent online marketing campaign – for many, it’s essential to business success full stop.


Website Design and Development

Great designers and developers understand online marketing, and
they understand how their work interrelates with services such as
SEO and conversion rate optimisation.

A website should be SEO-friendly from the get-go. The following should be taken into
consideration when building a site:


Search engine crawlers (such as Googlebots) need to be able to ‘read’ the content on your site.

Generally, content should be presented in HTML text format so that it can be read; non-text content such as Flash files are largely ignored by crawlers. Simply put, search engines don’t see a website the same way we do – and therefore sites need to be created so that they appeal to both humans and search engine crawlers.

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Site structure

The structure needs to be carefully considered, so that crawlers can easily find their way around. If a site is poorly structured, crawlers may even miss certain pages altogether.

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When building a site, it pays to keep in mind any keywords that are relevant to the business. They should be included in the title tags and content – however, these days it’s important not to over-optimise your site with keywords.

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URL structure

Ideally, the URL should explain what a page is about; this is not only useful to site visitors, but can also contribute to page rankings.

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Great website design should also facilitate a healthy conversion rate.
Failure to do so simply means more work down the track. When it comes to site design, there are number of aspects that can
influence the conversion rate, such as:


If your website is poorly designed, it’ll be difficult to achieve a high conversion rate. Spammy-looking sites (or those that look as though they were designed in the 90s) are a turn-off; most visitors will assume your business is illegitimate and leave. Classy, professional-looking web design is not only aesthetically pleasing – it instils confidence in visitors.

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The call to action encourages visitors to make a purchase or enquiry, and therefore it’s important to get it right. A good call to action needs to stand out and be strategically positioned, facilitating the desired action.

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These are the pages visitors land on when they are directed to your site from other sources, and therefore they need to be carefully designed. It’s important that they match the marketing message employed at the traffic source (whether it be an advert or search results listing), providing visitors with the information that they expect to see.

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Content needs to be informative and well written, providing visitors with the information they require. Poorly written content denotes a spammy site and an unprofessional company – so make sure you create the right impression.

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Typography basically covers how content looks on the website. It not only contributes to the overall appearance of the site, but also determines how much information site visitors absorb. Important information should be placed at the top of the page, and it’s crucial that your web designer selects the correct font size and colour – poor choices here can lead to content that’s very hard to read!

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Mobile-friendly sites

Smart phone and tablet use is increasing, and therefore it’s very important to make sure that yo ur website is mobile-friendly.

There are essentially two options here:

The developer creates two different versions of your site

one for desktop visitors, and one for those accessing the internet via mobile devices.

A mobile responsive site that works across all devices

these sites are deigned to ‘stack’ and fit the size of any screen, from a smart phone through to a desktop.

Which is the best option?

Well it depends on your business, your current website, and your budget. A reputable web agency will be able to advise the best approach.

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