Ultimate Guide to Voice Related SEO for Businesses

The developer event recently held by Google told details on how Google is planning for the future. Among a lot of topics that were discussed in the event, the one thing that was common is how these technologies discussed could be utilised for local marketing. Some of the devices exhibited can considerably change the methods of information seeking and its delivery. Voice search is taking over typing. Search is transforming from the typing method to using the voice, regardless of where you are. Basically, your voice is your new tool for search.

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 How Voice Searches Are Impacting Search?

 The number of users who are swapping to voice searches has been continuously increasing in the recent times and it is also confirmed by the CEO of Google. He recently announced that as of now, 20% of queries on mobile are using voice searches. Since the technology of understanding users is developing towards higher advancement, it is important for marketers and professionals to consider voice searches for their strategies for search.

What is it?

Voice search is a certain technology which works on speech recognition. It lets the users look for answers by saying aloud the terms instead of manually typing them into the search bar. After elaborate analysis of the database, the technology would fetch results directly than give you search result pages.

How is it transforming search?

  • Hike in mobile searches

Since voice search gives way to a much effortless process when compared to typing down the query, the number of its users has continuously been increasing in recent times. This result is pushed way further as there is an increase in the number of smartphone users. People are now using their smartphones instead of their desktops or laptops when they are looking for information. Hence, mobile searches are seeing a hike.

  • Conversational queries appearance

This is not really surprising since we know that voice searches are easier compared to text input. Actually, the search turns more natural if it is said out aloud. It is essential and compatible for our quest of an efficient life of multitasking. Many of us always look for fast ways of fixing and knowing things. Voice search in general and also the digital assistants are just the tools for us to do so!

  • Makes way for local search

Mobile searches are 3 times more likely to stay local when compared to texts as the smartphone users usually look for information when they have enabled their locations. Hence, there is a great chance for site owners and businesses with ranking as well as local searches. Few SEO optimizations on mobile can be easily performed by local businesses to stay in the competition.

How to couple your strategy for voice searches?

  • Make your content compatible with natural language

Since voice queries are more conversational when compared to the typed queries, it is essential to look for ways to get adapted to it. Mobile users won’t just ask for specific terms but actually be more elaborate. Queries are hence longer and also highly informal. So, you need to generate content which matches this kind of a conversational tone.

  • Make use of voice searches yourself

A mild yet highly efficient method of understanding the effect of voice strategies is to use the technology yourself. There can be no better method of viewing the sort of results it provides for your site. If you search for various questions which would get the user to your site, you will know where your site is ranked and you can always work on developing it.

Two vital themes: artificial intelligence and machine learning

The future of voice search is accomplished through natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The announcement made by Google is great news for people who run small businesses. Earlier, the worries were related to writing a content that would match keywords so that the search engines would be able to understand and display the content in high ranks. However, now we can write content which is simple, conversational and contextual which the users will be able to comprehend. Voice related search accompanied by natural language processing and machine learning would be augmented by acquiring contextual information of the user, such as style, location and also past behaviour.

Machine Learning and AI

Three important ways to excel in voice-activated search

  • Listen to customers

You need to comprehend the conversational speech. Have your team collect those phrases used by customers for explaining their problems. You can have the marketing team hear the calls, and whenever the account managers or sales department see the prospects or clients offline, have the team concentrate on the generally used phrases.

  • Have your customers interviewed over the phone

The customers could be asked questions that are simple to answer over the phone so that they use their own words to give you the answer. Compiling as well as utilising this information is an integral effort your entire team must make. Collect all the knowledge from the useful calls and bring them together for the marketing team to use it for copies as well as sales.

  • Connect with people and places

If you were thinking of going for a foreign tour, you could make use of the natural language processing that Facebook already has, to ask about the friends who have visited the same place that you have so that there is a connection between you and the person as well as the place. The Same strategy could be used with the customers as well. Since customers use voice search, you must be ready for the searches like “the dress my friend ordered at XYZ online store”. And later be ready with the answer to their query. This will certainly build a relationship between you and the customer.

As people use more and more of voice search, those businesses that will concentrate on developing their voice SEO will win. Don’t you want to?

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