7 Tips to Make the Most Out Of Gmail Ads

Depending on the activity of the personal accounts of Gmail, Gmail ads target the audience and appear in the promotions tab. Gmail ads are very much useful and, thus provide a huge opportunity to target your audience base. But how do you do it? We list down seven great tips to make the most out of the Gmail ads. Catch them all! 1) Raise CTR as well as the QUALITY SCORE Yes, quality score actually exists in Gmail ads. They don’t display the quality score. You can see the quality score in keyword level in the search ads, but you […]

What Are Adwords Extensions And Why Should You Use Them?

If you have made searches on Google, which you surely would have, you will get to see various ads shown above and to the sides of the natural listings. Few of the ads might be bigger and occupy larger space to provide more information. How does that happen? Will the advertiser pay for it? Well, the answer is nope! It is just the right usage of ad extensions. When one understands it and uses it efficiently, the substantial difference could be made in the performance of your Google AdWords account. What is it? Ad extensions are a method to add […]

Everything You Need To Know About Adsense And How To Get It Approved

Google AdSense is one among the best of the ad networks for monetising a blog or a website. It is about ninety percent better compared to other CPC programs for advertising. It gives the publishers best CTR for each web page. You could make loads of revenue every day using Google AdSense. All webmasters have had the dream of monetizing their websites. Unfortunately, not all of them succeed. AdSense has now got few strict rules as well as requirements. It is hard to obtain the approval of AdSense for your blog. However, nothing is impossible! Ways to get approval for Google […]

 5 Ways You Can Increase the Value of Your Online Business

As the old saying goes, you need to test everything but assume nothing at all. This is because even after being on the internet for a long time; you just cannot predict what strategy can work the most for you until you actually test the trick. This is applicable even to best of the strategies. To put it straight, testing is by far the only method to check if a strategy works or not. Test these five ways of how you can enhance your online sales. Put them into action and see what happens! 1) One product or service at […]

Everything That You Need To Know About Expanded Text Ads By Bing

Bing ads tell us that prominent percentage of the advertisers also manage the campaigns paid search campaigns in Google AdWords. Recently, plenty of questions have been asked if the Bing ads plan to aid the lately announced Expanded Text Ads format on the Bing Ads platform. The answer, quite obviously, is a yes. With this latest ad format on the Bing networks, the trend of offering an enhanced experience of text Ads which give out more information to the audience about their choice. For a lot of advertisers out there, this will mean more and more clicks, hiked CTRs and […]

5 Tips for Successful Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing is a tiring job; especially testing the ones that are already being used by consumers can prove to be tricky. There are a lot of hurdles that make a mobile app testing a tough job for an app developer. Your app might be working in various mobile operation systems, the configuration of the device in which your app is installed in, also differs. The usage styles also will vary. So, if you are going for mobile app testing, you must be aware of all these aspects. In this article, we provide you with valuable suggestions that will […]

Facebook Instant Articles: Everything You Need To Know

Recently, Facebook made an announcement about the Facebook Instant Articles Program that it would be launching soon for publishers all over the world. This implies that anyone could take advantage of this fresh feature, provided they have a website and a page on Facebook, to host their web content on the particular social platform directly. In the beginning, the feature was only available for big publishers, like The New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian and BBC, the Instant Articles program is one among the highly discussed topics now. Hence, just like other people, if you are intrigued as to […]

Inbound Link Building 101: 6 Correct Ways to Build Backlinks

We all know how important it is to build good inbound links to our websites and we also know how hard it is. And above all, you will only find it rarely that the prudent ways of doing it are discussed. Link building could be thought of as social media. If you have got great content, you will appear before the right audience and they are going to share your content. Here let’s talk about the 6 ideas that would aid you in building legit inbound links. 1) Have a consistent blog with quality content Generating quality blog content consistently, […]

Try These Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

If you have just started with a small business, running a local shop or have opened a restaurant, you will certainly be looking for various ways through which you can attract people to your business without having to spend a lot of money on marketing. In this article, we provide you best strategies, both offline and online, using which you can market your small business, simultaneously saving money! Fix a goal with a budget The very beginning step towards marketing is to clearly define your goals and fixing a budget. You must decide what you want from the business and […]

How Emotional Targeting Converts More Leads

A recent study says that websites that have more a powerful emotional impact succeeded in generating higher intent to purchase. It certainly builds a connection when you appeal to the emotions of your audience. If you are creating descriptions for your product or working on landing pages, you should certainly focus on evoking emotions into the messages you send. When you target emotions, it produces content that is authentic and which speaks the language of the customer. Those irresistible stories are what touches the hearts of people and make them buy your product. We tell you how to get more […]