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5 Important Tips for Choosing a Mobile App Name

Well, first things first, it takes real smart as well as hard work to develop a mobile application and we applaud you for making one! However, your job does not end with mobile app development. Actually, here is where your approach matters. No matter how good your app is, if it is not promoted well, there will not be any downloads. To promote, your app needs to have an identity, a name, which grabs attention the moment it is uttered. Hence, naming your app is very crucial as the success of your app highly depends on it.

A lot of thought processing must go into landing upon a suitable name. Besides being relevant to the functions of the app, the name must also be catchy. We provide you 5 important aspects to concentrate on, while you name your app.

Tips for Choosing a Mobile App Name

  1. Easy To Pronounce and Relevant To App

It is imperative that the name of your app is relevant to its activities. Provide a food for thought for yourself and select a name that aptly depicts your app. You must also ensure that the name of your app is simple to pronounce so that it is frequently heard in the app market.

  1. Verify the Presence of an Identical Name

You must be very attentive when it comes to checking if there is any other app by the same name or an identical name. This will quite often lead you into unnecessary troubles like copyright problems. Another problem of having a similar name is competition from those apps to appear in the app market while searched.

  1. Marketplace Ranking is Vital

Though your app has a name that distinctly describes the functions of your app, it is also important to appear at the top in market place ranking. The set of keywords you give along with your app name is very imperative if you have to succeed in the marketplace. The 100 characters keyword list that you provide matters! It is on you to use these characters effectively. Keep the keywords distinctive with punctuations and parts of speech when required. You could also use words that garner attention, like “free” or “best”.

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  1. SEO Plays a Crucial Role

A prudent technique for SEO makes a lot of difference in ranking you higher. SEO is basically search engine optimization that makes search engines like Yahoo and Google to land upon your app easily and in the top. You could take the help of the SEO expert to get successful in this venture of mobile app development.

  1. Describing Your App

Describing your app is another important aspect that you must look into, besides choosing a good name for your app. You must ensure you include all important qualities of your app on the given word limit. Make it attractive so the people get impressed with your app.

Apart from these aspects, you also need to make sure your app is distinctly categorized among the domain it falls into. Do not leave any stone unturned in choosing an attractive name that aptly suits the qualities and is also catchy!

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